One of the most uplifting and inspiring experiences 

what is a senior rep?

Being a Makenzie Photography senior rep is SO much more than jumping in front of a camera and smiling. Being a #MakenzieGirl is being a part of a community of encouragers. Makenzie Senior Reps are leaders in their community, they're a little sassy, they definitely know how to have a good time, and they laugh A LOT! Makenzie's senior rep program is about learning, growing together, and understanding yourself more while making new friends that are A LOT like you in your community. Throughout our year together we meet monthly to discuss topics like confidence, self worth, college, being your best self, as well as discussions on healthy boundaries, when to say no, how to surround yourself with positive people, and more! We have those hard conversations... and sometimes - with your parents permission - stay up way too late dreaming up what the next 10 years of your life looks like!

My senior rep program is my absolute FAVORITE part of my business. The senior rep program has grown more into a mentor program than a photographic opportunity... and its amazing! If you are interested in becoming a senior rep for Makenzie Photography check back here or on my Instagram for the announcement of applications opening in the Spring.

-Britney, Class of 2016

Application for the 2021-2021 school year are now live!
Apply at the link below through a google form. We look forward to getting to
know you through your application!




"My experience as a senior rep for Makenzie has probably been the best extra curricular choice I made all 4 years of going to BHS. I could not of hand picked a better and more uplifting group of girls to be apart of. I love each of them so deeply that sometimes I think about it and think about how weird it is that a year ago we were all strangers and the first meeting we ever had we ended in tears. I am so beyond thankful to God and for Him blessing me by putting Makenzie and those girls in my life."

- Shelby, Class of 2016